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PHVP 2406 Still and Moving Image: Research and Practice

Date: October 2010

Module Code: PHVP 2406

Module Title: The Fake

Module Tutor: Su Ansell

Group Work (Ashley, Danny, and Matt)

Research: Robert Doisneau, Edgar Martins, Willie Doherty, Alison Jackson, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall, Gregory Crewson, Hannah Starkie.


Date: November 2010

Module Code: PHVP 2406

Module Title: Time and Memories

Module Tutor: Su Ansell


Childhood Photos, First Days (school/ college)
Making friends at primary school whilst being a only child
Documentary research/ artist research
Still and moving images
Get images from my mums house
Short film of mum’s point of views
Show school reports/ exclusion letters/ journals
Different uniforms over the years
Interview a teacher/ friend/ play worker
I intend to ask a set amount of questions, which i will later display

What works?, what does not work? WHY?, be honest, happy accidents?

So i decided to progress with the idea of a documentary type film (still and moving images)
Should include a first person narrative


Date: January 2011

Module Code: PHVP 2406

Module Title: Proposal for negotiated project The Career of Ashley Hill (Amateur Boxer)

Module Tutor: Su Ansell

I have a huge passion for sports, in which I respect the large community of athletes that par take in them. In the past two years a good friend of mine has taken up the sport boxing in which he contends at an amateur level. Previous to boxing he’d been an overweight lazy teenager, who’d rather play games consoles than train and keep fit. For my negotiated project I plan to document his lifestyle now displaying the development and achievement he has overcome.

I believe that the short film in question cannot just help Ashley’s confidence but provide motivation for others who were in the same position as him. Enabling overweight teenagers to take up a sport and gain confidence along with being fit. When first constructing my idea this was not the plan, however it is a definite addition the possible outcome. In the media recently: television news, newspapers, the obesity of younger children has become a common factor I dearly believe that when the documentary is finally cut it can also be processed and used as a promotional short film.

I intend to commence this project by simply interviewing Ashley gaining knowledge and information from his past, present and where he intends to be in his future life. This to me is a comfort factor and will prepare him for the less exciting questions. When it’s time to shoot the film I would have already constructed a 5-10 question questionnaire on the points that I wish to share with the audience. I will definitely acknowledge the audience’s attention span, meaning ill shoot many cut a ways displaying a wider aspect of excitement for the viewer. I feel that I need to interview/ document people that have been around Ashley including his trainer, colleagues or family this will produce extra length to the project having the viewer on their toes to find be exposed to more of his life.

Influences are:

An old friend of mine posted a video link of his career at the present being a “Christian Entertainer” in which I watched and felt extremely inspired to produce something similar of my own, co- incidentally I was going to meet Ashley a few hours after, and informed him of what I had viewed, he expressed to me he was up for it then the ideas started to string together.

So moving on with research i intend to explore documentaries already produced regarding the sport boxing, with intension so develop with image taking of Ashley Hill.

These images show different elements and angles in which i hope to explore whilst filming my documentary, they almost show a example of possible camera shots, due to the controlled composition, this will enable me to storyboard my intentions.

I am really motivated to continue this project after viewing the movie trailer or Born and Bred, in a sense it displays many shots and cut aways that i would like to experiment with, in the building up to my final piece.

Short Footage of Ashley, sparring.

Due to travel reasons and injury i was unable to carry on with the amateur boxing project, i started to research more in to time and memory for which i really like tattoos. This is a major subject for teenagers aged 15 – 19. It is also a major topic when considering what the tattoo represents and when older will people regret them. Recently i have been addicted to watching american TV program Miami as i have a huge interest for tattoos myself.

Date: March 2011
Module Code: PHVP 2406
Module Title: Proposal for negotiated project (Tattoo Imagery Documentary)
Module Tutor: Su Ansell

I have been a huge fan of tattoos for approximately the last six years having some of my own I am interested in why people tattoo their skins and what is it that has motivated them to do so. Mentioning this I also intend to gain personal information from people who are willing to be interviewed, using documentary as a method I feel my idea is nurturing and exciting, It could possibly a short film to watch before making the final decision to ink our skins. Although a lot of people wont admit it many regret the artwork they have asked to be permanently submitted to their bodies, and I feel this documentary could definitely make someone either for or against tattooing. I feel this will be the key method of engaging an audience especially from ages as low as 15. For my negotiated project I plan to document up to five people in whom they’ll discuss their tattoo experiences, once questions have been asked. All will be asked the same amount of questions however wording may vary, enabling the answers to broaden the knowledge of the reader.

I have yet no decided if ill finalize my project with producing a short film of a series of sequential images. However as development goes on ill definitely be able to make my choice. Its upsetting that I was not able to continue with my previous proposal however the plans and concepts for this one has over excited me and I cant wait to get to shooting. Composition, lighting and techniques will definitely have to be experimented with as I continue to strengthen more projects. I will also have to provide much research to show I know what I am doing and where I am going with the project.

These are short clips filmed in the Miami Ink tattooing store:

Considering the time i have left, i plan to shoot a short documentary type film introducing tattoo artists and a few clients. I intend to create a questionnaire containing 5+ questions which will all be asked to each individual client. The questions will cover the subjects of why? when? what? (regarding tattooing)

In the mean time ill be shooting still images of the tattoo shop and artists:

Client Breaking From his Tats

Tattoo Artist Che

Depending on how the first shoot goes, ill deicide if i want to produce a documentary as a final piece or a series of sequential images. I really enjoy viewing the portraits above, it is part of a rekky i completed at the store before deciding to confidently shoot a short film. It provides me with knowledge of my surroundings and my safety.

I will sketch/ write up a storyboard which will be my guideline for what i intend to produce.
I will now research who produce work based on tattoos,this will broaden my ideas for my style of shooting and help me to develop to my final media.

Experiments of composition skills:

When i go back to the shop to shoot i will have a lot of time to achieve what i want, above are just people who were in the shop at the time, who did not mind me photographed. I shall provide a professional typed proposal, (sketches included) for my client so they are aware of the processes that need to take place.

Possible Questions to Ask

How old were you when you first inked your skin?
How do you cope with the pain?
How many tattoos do you have?
What are you going to do when you get older?
How much is your body worth?
Is there anywhere you wouldn’t get a tattoo?
How are you sure that the needle used was clean?
Do yo think your going to regret that?
Do you regret any now?
What occupation do you maintain/ or wish to maintain?
Do you think your tattoos effect your position?
What’s the significance behind them/what do they represent?

To make the short film as, as exciting as possible i’ll need a solid catchy soundtrack for the intro, i feel something fast and bubbly in the genre of dubstep and house music will grab the viewers/ listeners attention. I’ll now research some beats:
Modestep – Feel Good I really enjoy the first 40 seconds of this audio clip, however due to copy right procedures i may not be able to use it.

So i started my official video shoot . . .

Here are some film stills showing my development so far;

For the first 30 seconds or so of my documentary the viewer will have a brief chance in which to expose their eyes to what is included in what they are watching. I feel tezt with image is extremely important as it gives viewers more to focus on when viewing moving image.

When shooting i made sure i was able to capture many styles of cut aways so the viewer has more to be excited about when intriguing in the documentary, i feel this image describes and explains a lot in itself.

An example of how i wish the questions from my survey to be shown, i always feel that displaying white text onto a black background is extremely effective as it sets the pace for what me as the movie creator is looking to portray. Simple but extremely effective i must say.

Since researching and viewing many documentary type movies/ programmes i learnt a technique when considering the framing the interviewee’s head leaving a space on the side, enabling the interviewee to have movement space showing a lot of emotion and expression.

Sean showed a lot of expression when discussing his body art work and was a great input to the excitement of my documentary, this still image shows my thoughts on how the head should be framed.

This is my personal tattoo artist Che Grimm, his art work is amazing, and he is a main figure in this interview, he lets us as viewers see what its like to be sat in a tattoo chair and lets us know what methods he uses to balance out customers nerves. Che takes us through his previous life letting know he “lived a tough life” he shows us tattoos that mean a lot to him letting us know the significance. With this still i also added an effect called “picture in a picture” which shows another on going clip of Che tattooing a customer at the time.

Blaize is somebody i asked to answer a survey created by myself regarding getting inked up. he has no tattoo’s but is considering getting a couple pieces in this documentary he asked questions that were later answered by a professional and others with tattoos, i definitely feel this documentary full of interviews will be useful for people like Blaize.

When recording this documentary I cut down a lot of footage when it came to my final edit. When looking back on the footage, I recorded at least two minutes of the interviewee babbling on, so i cut the main two questions he asked out and used it as part of introduction.

I also filmed extra footage of my friend TJ as he has tattoos but I was unable to in-cooperate the footage into what i had already produced, so i decided to include this thought/ idea with some film stills to show my development.

I felt the shots were too tight and were inappropriate for what wished to produce, however what was said was rather interesting, so to keep this memory, I have screen shots saved for a rainy day.

Moving on to cut aways, whilst in the tattoo shop I decided that im going to need various footage of the procedures such as the tattooing the drawing and the tattooist- customer relationship. I was able to capture all of these moments using them to my advantage.

Example of the technique/ effect I intend to use at the beginning of the film, indulging the viewer with a special effect is a favourite of mine. I hope this can set focus on what I intend to produce for my target group.

An example of how I wish to begin my documentary. Writing in focus whilst the person talking is blurred but when viewing the audio will be heard.

I have included Sean, Che and Rosheens most significant tattoos with an explanation, letting people know that is their skin, they choose what they want!

This is the final edit of my documentary

When it came down to the audio of my video, chose some catchy songs that people from a wide genre could enjoy, almost like comforting music. I used short snippets of each song soon after fading it out and lowering the volume so questions could be answered. Most songs chosen relate to the subject in question.
R. Kelly – Worlds Greatest

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Jasmine Sullivan – 10 Seconds

Timberland Feat Drake – Say Something

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody

Rihanna- Rude Boy

Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up

Artist Work Who Have Influenced Me

I am amused how such a simple photograph has such a huge effect on the human eye, the composition, structure and texture are all great attributes to this image.

During the period of filming my documentary decided to continue with a photography project as well in which I took photographs of peoples tattoos, experimenting with different editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Contact Sheet!

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-426″>
I really enjoy this image for the simple fact when i captured it my model was pointing up, and on his forearm he has a tattoo saying “the greatest” an audience viewing this image could imply that this is a religious tattoo.

When taking this photograph i wanted to keep the framing tight, proving my understanding of composition, i photographed a couple images before and due to there being too much to focus i decided to step closer with the camera and create a special angle which will bring focus to the subject of tattoos.

I shot this photograph while filming in the tattoo shop Kazbah in Leicester. I wanted to shoot on a plain background due to the fact i thought her tattoos were detailed enough to show my focus point. Out of all my final ideas this image is most liked by the public, main reason being the focus of the subject matter.

Now this man randomly came into the tattoo shop, tattoo artist Che says it has not had a tattoo in over 20 years however attends the shop weekly to gossip. considering more than half of his body was tattoo i decided to photograph the chap, and indeed i edited the image using photoshop, to make a dark impression, on the focal points.

Different style of photography here, i cropped in deeper on Rosheens body to make it look as if she was naked, bringing more tension and seduction to the image. the tattoo’s add to attraction and the sly site of her face brings more excitement to each viewers yes, due to the editing the viewers has to look deep into the image to find the subject, I a m extremely happy with outcome of this image.

now this man previously had a tattoo many years ago, and due to weathering the tattoo faded forcing it to look unprofessional and dusty. Che touched up and added color o the work of art which brought a large reaction to my eyes, i enjoy all of the colors along with texture brought to ours eyes with in this image.

Class image which in forms people with no tattoos that is not easy, there is actually pain, we get to see tattooist and client working together, this image alone can be used to prepare a client for the jouney a head.

Now out of all images this is the one i personally enjoy the most, simply because of depth of field. the blue cool colors are shown almost telling a story, making the viewer consider what a “dead soul” is and if they know, then imagine what the persons life is like.

Composition is the key to this image, and the black white effect has worked extremely well with the everyday life of a tattooist.

I intend to compose these images and insert them into a compostion book as part of my final piece for my negotiated project. I must declare that i am extremely happy with the outcome.

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